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Looking for more options for your HSA funds?

Investment Options with HSA Investment Services


  • A variety of mutual funds available from which to choose
  • Easy to use and comprehensive investment website
  • Annual fee of $36
  • No investment load or trade costs*

Please Note

  • HSA Checking at Old National Bank is required before and must remain open while funds are invested with HSA Investment Services.
  • A balance of at least $1,000 is required in the HSA Checking account at the time the HSA Investment account is opened.
  • The HSA Checking account must act as the conduit for all transactions for Government reporting purposes. Funds must be deposited into the HSA Checking account first, and when withdrawn, the funds are deposited back into the HSA Checking.
  • Transfer requests from HSA Checking account to HSA Investment Services account can be made by contacting The HSA Authority team at 1-888-472-8697, option 2.
  • Transfer requests from HSA Investment Services account to HSA Checking can be made by logging into your Investment Account through the below login. 
  • Please refer to the The HSA Authority Mutual Fund Options sheet for a list of investments.
  • If you should have any questions, please contact Customer Care at 888.472.8697, option 2.


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*Short term redemption fee may apply to some funds if selected.
IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Self-directed investments are the sole responsibility of the account-owner. Carefully weigh the advantages and disadvantages of investing your HSA funds before doing so. Investment products are not FDIC insured; may lose value and are not a deposit account. Investment accounts are not obligations of Old National Bank or Devenir, are not guaranteed, and not insured by any federal government agency.

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